Wednesday, July 30, 2008

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The Benefits of Journaling

"Staying present in the moment helps you be aware
  and accept your intuition, feelings and thoughts.
  With awareness and acceptance of your intuition,
  feelings and thoughts you are able to manage and
  overcome your stress reactions."

  [Your Weekly StressTip]

"Be larger than your task."
  [Simpleology Daily]

Among the benefits of journaling are...

1.  Journaling helps you stay on track as you focus on your goals

2.  Journaling helps you stop sabotaging yourself with ways to
handle your self-imposed barriers that stop you from achieving
your goals.

3.  Journaling is the single most important thing you can do to
identify your stressors and stress indicators in achieving your

Since you are the awareness of your thoughts and emotions,
journaling keeps you present -- in the moment -- by shifting
your focus from the emotion and thought to the awareness
of the emotion and thought.

This shift changes your energy level from being stagnant to
being dynamic.

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