Wednesday, March 04, 2009

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Meet the Best - 17

"Awaken to your possibilities and get inspired."
[Your Weekly StressTip]

What would your life be like if you had a personal mentor
to guide you on a daily, weekly and monthly basis -- on
information products of your choosing?

Certainly your life is worth investing in yourself.

Here is a mentor who has continually touched our lives and we
are pleased to share him with you in this entry of Meet the Best.

Introducing with appreciation and gratitude this month's "meet
the best" mentor David Allen.

David Allen came into our lives when we wanted to learn more
about Getting Things Done with less distress.

Ready for Anything, is a collection of 52 "how-to" productivity
principles for living and working in today's world.

Here are few excerpts for your consideration...

"You can't fool your mind.  It's an expert on your current management
system, and it knows whether you can be trusted to look at what you
need to at the appropriate time.  ...It will endlessly keep reminding you
of what to remember."
[p. 87]

"Many of the have, if not immediately and obviously valuable
in the moment, contain the germ of something that may be extremely
[p. 111]

"You have created, accepted, or promoted whatever you are experiencing.'re in charge and you can change it if you want.  ...You are...merely
an extra in everyone else's play.  ...We're all alone in this together."
[p. 119]

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