Wednesday, March 18, 2009

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"Only love is authentic and real. For your attention to
go where your energy flows, be insightful and strategic
while looking for 'love' in every interaction you have
with others, and with yourself."

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Have you ever asked yourself this question "what is money?"

Arnold Patent, after leaving a successful twenty-five year career
as an attorney and businessman, in his book Money states that
money is energy; and to the degree you have the money you need
is greatly influenced by your beliefs, judgments and consequences
of your actions.

To grasp the notion of money as energy see this video
'What is Energy'

Here is another point of view.

According to Julia Mossbridge "prosperity consciousness, in
its best form, is seeing money as a verb ­ an energy that flows
continuously from hand to hand in support of transformation,
growth, and love."

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