Wednesday, March 25, 2009

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Distress vs. Eustress

"Self-respect frees you from the expectations of others, and gives
you back to yourself."

[Your Weekly StressTip]

Have you ever asked yourself these question?

"Am I feeling distress?"
"Am I feeling eustress?"

Do you know the difference between the two?

Eustress, the opposite of distress, is stress that is somewhat beneficial
- but not too much; since your body cannot differentiate what stressors
cause distress and what stressors cause eustress.

In both cases, your adrenal glands secrete adrenaline.  According to
Dr. Hans Selye, too much adrenaline in your body is worse than

In both cases, you must learn "how-to" manage and overcome
these stressors: breathing, environment, attitude, and nutrition in
your life and lives of the people you love.

In both cases, it is essential for you to review your lifestyle and goals.

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