Wednesday, May 27, 2009

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What is Your Purpose?

"Did you know you are here to learn life lessons, and to live
your life purpose?"
[Your Weekly StressTip]

You have a purpose in life; and you are alive to live that purpose.

Begin defining and living your purpose by noticing what you enjoy.
Then, see yourself sharing with others what you enjoy.

Do you enjoy being creative?
Do you enjoy being encouraging?
Do you enjoy being enthusiastic?
Do you enjoy being supportive?

Go ahead and share your purpose by living your purpose with
your colleagues, family, friends and watch the change in your

Is fear and self-doubt getting in your way?

Press here to get started

Since there is only one you and your purpose is uniquely yours,
you open new frontiers and opportunities by defining and living
your purpose rather than your disappointment or pain in your life.

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