Wednesday, October 28, 2009

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Answers to Questions When Dealing With Stress

"Always look for win-win situations in your personal
and professional life.
"  Your Weekly StressTip

Last week we presented a few questions to arrive at the
cause of stress reactions.

When dealing with stress, yours and anyone else's stress,
cause identification is needed for appropriate action.

Stress is needed to be creative and to live.

Distress and eustress must be avoided since in both cases
your adrenal glands secrete adrenaline; and according to
Dr. Hans Selye, too much adrenaline in your body is worse
than intoxication.

Here a few cause [stressor] examples of stress reactions
[stress indicators/body response]

Breathing ~ when in any activity, breathing is jammed,
reversed, or shallow.

Environment ~ being in sick buildings; under fluorescent lights
at any time during the day causes stress reactions such as:
eyes burning, feeling disoriented, headache.

Attitude ~ blaming and negativity is caused by not
expressing what you are feeling and thinking.

Nutrition ~ feeling bloated, physical pain at any time
before, after and during a meal.

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