Wednesday, April 07, 2010

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Make informed decisions: Stress awareness
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"Take the No Phone Zone Pledge.  The choice is yours."
Your Weekly StressTip

April is stress awareness month.

When awareness is not a key factor in your life, your stress reactions
can cause physical and emotional distress and eustress that can impact
your life in ways you can not imagine.

You must learn to manage and overcome your stress reactions by first
being aware of your stress reactions.

Do you know your stress reactions?  Press here and find out.

Did you know that you need stress to live and be creative?  So how do
you live with stress and be creative?

First, invest in yourself this month.

Second, take your stress temperature to get your complimentary one-hour

Third, press here for an Information Product on what your life would be
with a quiet mind and a calm body.

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