Wednesday, March 16, 2011

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Being aggressive vs being assertive

"Awareness and prevention are found in the present moment
where there is less fear and more love!  Comments
Weekly Reminder: Live in the present moment

How are you being invaluable and remarkable to decision makers?
Are you being aggressive or are you being assertive?

The difference between being aggressive and being assertive in
sharing what matters to you...

...comes down to the energy you have available at each moment
of each day! about the type of engagement that's been developing between
you and the decision maker!

...may cause stress reactions for the decision maker and for you!

Being aggressive vs being assertive may exist in your business,
in your personal life and in your professional life today!

Being aggressive comes from anger and frustration; being assertive
comes from esteem and respect for others and for your self.

The choice is yours as to how you are going to create meaningful
results for your personal and your professional life.

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Sidneyeve said...

"...I was flipping through your slideshare deck
and thinking, *this is so motivational and
inspiring*! Nicely done, thanks for sharing it.
Cheers, ~Sidneyeve"
{posted with permission}

Dr. Rae for The Baum Group said...

Thank you Sidneyeve for giving us permission
to post your gracious and generous comment
posted at to be
posted here as well!