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Being aggressive vs being assertive ~ 2

"Embrace and experience the present moment.  In the present moment
there is empowering awareness rather than self-imposed fear!  Comments
Weekly Reminder: Live in the present moment

An aggressive person needs to be in control while an assertive person
is willing to share control in making decisions.

Have you ever wondered whether you are an aggressive person or an
assertive person?

More often than not an aggressive person tends to be a judgmental
person and an assertive person tends to ask lots of questions prior
to making any decisions as to whether or not entering into any
type of relationship with you.

The difference between being aggressive vs being assertive is in
acknowledging that all decisions, ideas and opinions are important
and that others' decision, ideas and opinions are as important as
your own.

The choice is yours as to how you are going to create meaningful
results for your personal and your professional life.

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