Wednesday, May 10, 2006

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Developing the Leader Within You

What is a leader, and how can you develop the leader
within you?

Here are some qualities of a leader for you to consider...

1.  having a strong desire to achieve something

2.  having an ability to begin and follow through with a plan
or task

3.  being authentic, intuitive and optimistic

4.  having a dedication to a cause

5.  having talents and specific skills

6.  having an ability to motivate

7.  having a sense of purpose, clear goals, and commitment

8.  being results-oriented by directing every action towards
a goal and prioritizing activities toward spending time on

9.  having an optimistic view of life

10.  having a belief in your ability to "make a difference"

10.1  having an ability to encourage and nurture those that
report to you

10.2  having an ability to delegate in such a way for people
to grow

10.3  having an ability to lead by example

10.4  having self-awareness and self-knowledge

10.5  having an understanding of what others say, rather
than listening to how they say things - this quality is like
"walking in someone's shoes"

Bottom line, developing the leader within you is learned.

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