Wednesday, May 31, 2006

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Lessons Learned

There have been many lessons learned since the beginning
of 2006 and at the mid-point of each year it is a good idea to
take stock of the lessons you have learned.

Here are a few of the lessons we have learned so far this year.

*   Be appreciative and appreciated by what is in your heart.
*   Be proactive.
*   Build an emotional connection between yourself and others.
*   Buying decision are made with companies you believe in.
*   Carefully weigh the rewards against the risks you decide to take.
*   Create an interest in your services and products.
*   Do the right thing by being authentic.
*   Focus on developing quality relationships.
*   Give back to your community.
*   Have a plan and the courage to follow it.
*   Look at yourself as a forward thinking person.
*   Put yourself in a position to win by being incredibly passionate
    and obsessed about what you want -- and go for it.
*   Self-knowledge is a critical asset in decision making.
*   Stand on belief and trust.
*   Success is best when it is shared.
*   Transform and maintain a nurturing and productive home
    and workplace.
*   You live your dream when you live your purpose.
*   You must dream big to achieve your dream.

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