Wednesday, May 03, 2006

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Customer Service Up-a-Notch

With continual focus on customer retention, customer
satisfaction, and lifetime value of the customer, it is
no surprise that the demand for customer service
remains high.

We all have dealt with customer service, some have
been wonderful experiences while others we wish
would take it up-a-notch.

For Richard Buckingham the ultimate customer service
is "the ability, when faced with adversity, to still be able
to serve the client."

According to Kevin Eikenberry "It's time to raise the
bar.  It's time to set new standards. ...we must raise
them consciously and consistently."

Here are a few ideas we have on raising the bar and
kicking customer service up-a-notch.

Rather than offering apologies, resolve issues for
your customer by...

1.  treating your customer as your #1 priority.

2.  correcting issues immediately.

3.  giving more than expected.

4.  making a difference.

Commit yourself to raising the bar up-a-notch by giving
and demanding world class customer service for yourself
and others.

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