Wednesday, June 17, 2009

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What is Stress?

"Sharing is caring.  At one time or another we've all heard this growing
up; and yet, only some of us do share.  Are you willing to share?  Since
we get to know each other by the stories we hear, read, and tell -- are
you willing to share your story?
Your Weekly StressTip

A general statement about what stress is and what stress is not,
as well as a need to 'personal awareness' of the various situations
that create distress.

We all need stress to live.  According to Hans Selye, M.D., "Stress
is not something to be avoided."  It is a "response of the body to
any demand made upon it."

Since stress is a body response, we only know that we are stressed,
or more correctly in distress or eustress, when our body tells us.

Personal awareness of our stress indicators (symptoms) and stressors
(causes) is the first step for proactive responsive action.

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